A Congregational Prayer for Guidance

Our Father, we need your wisdom and guidance.
During this past season of church life you have blessed us 
with growth that is necessitating 
that we consider how to carry on 
as our meeting space, parking lot, and classrooms 
are getting tighter. 
We are grateful for this dilemma. 

As we consider our options, guide our thinking. 
Sanctify our motives. 
Bring to mind ideas, results, consequences, and options 
that would nudge our judgment. 
Lead us through sound reason, wise counsel, and your Word. 
Drive our decision to conform to your will. 
Grant us a supernatural consensus in this process and in the decision. 
If in your mercy you give us a new building 
please provide the means necessary for the purchase. 
Prepare us as a church and every member individually 
to take this step of faith with a sober joy and loving unity. 
We ask this in your Son’s name and for his glory. 

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