Worth A Look (Podcast Edition)

The Worth A Look feature in the blog is meant to bring helpful resources to your attention. Here are four podcasts that are worth a look, or in this case, a listen:

1. The Briefing - is a daily podcast with commentary from Albert Mohler on news and current events from a Christian worldview. The Briefing is accessible and will help you not only stay informed, but model how to apply theology to current events.

2. Defend & Confirm - is a periodic podcast addressing various apologetics and theological topics. Because of the nature of the topics, it tends to be more on the theoretical side, but it is always educational and thoughtful. There are a host of past episodes addressing a range of issues.

3. Imperfect Family - is a podcast hosted by a husband and wife team (our own Chuck and Ellen Bokisa). The two regular episodes a month cover a wide array of practical marriage and parenting topics - everything from family worship to modesty.

4. Home Fires - is hosted by Abigail Dodds and Tilly Dillehay. It is a podcast geared primarily toward women with interesting guests regularly joining the conversation. Season one included interviews with Rosaria Butterfield, Kevin DeYoung, Joe Rigney, and others. Season two should be on its way shortly.

Email us and let us know your recommendations.
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