Worth A Look (Christmas Edition)

The Worth A Look feature in the blog is meant to bring helpful resources to your attention. Here are two that are worth a look:

Keeping the Heart in Our Christmas Traditions by Kristin Tabb (article)
Excerpt -- "When our traditions help our hearts to draw near to the living God, they are a tool functioning rightly. But when our traditions distract our hearts from the true purpose of Christmas — adoring Christ the Lord — then it is time to reevaluate and perhaps to repent."

Why Does It Matter that Jesus Was Born of a Virgin? by Kevin DeYoung (article)
Excerpt -- "The virgin birth is part of what Christians have believed in all times and in all places, and it is a key element in what it means for the incarnation to be “for us and for salvation.” We ignore the doctrine at our peril; we celebrate it to our benefit and to God’s glory."
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